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The Company

Athena E-Services is one of the premier boutique business process outsourcing companies in the Philippines. Based in the Philippines' first IT Park, Eastwood City, Athena E-Services began in 2001 with 30 employees. Today, we have grown to 145 employees. We have worked with over ten Fortune 500 companies, and we enjoy a strong reputation within the industry in the Philippines.

Athena E-Services fully understands the importance of quality work delivered in a timely, reliable and secure manner. Multiple security measures are implemented to ensure the confidentiality of your documents, including biometric access to areas where projects are done, secure ftp servers for data exchange with clients and CCTV cameras in the processing facilities.

Athena E-Services has been duly recognized by clients and partners for prompt delivery and quality of work.

Our strength comes from our flexibility. We take pride in having a client-centric service framework. We can meet required capacity requirements of clients through proper notice, we establish quality processes that mirror that of clients, and we respond in a timely manner to all project-relevant concerns.

Athena E-Services is managed by a team with over 7 years experience in the BPO industry. With three directors previously based in North America and Europe, we have a firm understanding of the needs of Western-based clients.


Athena E-Services infrastructure includes:

** Completely redundant and secure voice and data communications systems

** Scalable capacity

** Multiple security access levels to locations of data

** Commercial grade firewall

** Advanced network security and monitoring systems

** Redundant systems for continuous data reception and internet connectivity

** Dedicated high-speed internet connections

** Active hardware, such as CCTV cameras and biometrics access, for additional data security at the entrances

** Uninterrupted and back up power supply


Mission Statement:

  • We deliver work as it were done by our clients' best people.
  • Our success is measured by our client's satisfaction.
  • We build and sustain relationships with our customers, employees, community and stockholders through mutual respect and positive results.