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Quantitative Measurement

Athena gives premium on quality, one that is measured, quantified. Our stringent quality assurance system requires that all deliverable output be evaluated using a quantitative method. This ensures that flaws and lapses are resolved at each stage of production before it goes to the next stage. No inferior quality output reaches the client. Statistics and quantified data gauge the accuracy of the deliverable output. We design project-specific matrices and quantitative methodologies on a per project basis.

Iterative Approach

In addition to having a measurable approach to quality, Athena’s process follows an iterative and looping system. Once an output fails to meet the quality requirements given a certain production phase, it is not allowed to proceed to the next phase. Instead, it is returned for rework, and another set of quantitative check is done. The process continues in a looping style until the quality requirements are met.

With quality at the heart of Athena’s process-driven production strategy, we ensure that project deliverables meet client requirements.