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Lease/Contract Abstracting

As a premier provider of lease and contract abstracting services, we ease up critical demands on lease administration and real estate professionals and organizations by abstracting leases and contracts in a consistent and concise manner within a reliable and quick turnaround time. We condense complex legal languages into basic, pertinent and important lease information by summarizing critical financial, as well as non-financial provisions in a lease agreement.

Attaining worry-free lease administration depends on reliable and accurate access to and organization of lease agreement and contract information. You will have access to information that will help you in making important business decisions that will give your organization its competitive advantage. Either we abstract to your company’s existing lease administration system or we provide you with standardized abstracts.

We help you build on achieving that status by providing you our expertise on lease abstracting.

What we offer is a cost-effective, seamless extension of our clients' lease processing operations while providing higher value added services. Some examples of the work we do are listed below:

1. Due diligence for acquisition of properties
2. Lease or property administration:
  • Identify critical dates, such as timely notice dates before renewal or termination
  • Identify critical financial and non-financial provisions of contracts such as termination rights, insurance requirements, right of first refusal, right of first option, assignment & subletting, co-tenancy events etc
  • Property profile and contact information, such as premises actual square footage, premises information, landlord and tenant information, etc
  • 3. Audit of financial records, i.e. percentage rent due, CAM or operating expenses and exclusions and other rents
    Of course, our services are customized and tailor-fitted to the particular needs and requirements of our clients.