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Image Processing Services

We have two services that involve the capture of all data seen in the image of a document itself and converting the image itself to a searchable and text format.

One of these services is called full-text coding. Full-text coding basically means 100% data capture of all information found in an image. This type of coding ensures that the layout of the characters, words and graphics found in an image are indicated in the converted text. For example, a 1940 typewritten thesis can be converted to an electronic and searchable format by capturing the entire text. High accuracy levels are usually required for this type of services. We set ours at 99.95% accuracy levels for full-text coding.

The second type of image processing that we offer includes the repair of converted images . Software programs using optical character recognition technology are now regularly used to convert images or documents to searchable format. However, accuracy levels achieved after converting may not be enough to address the quality requirements demanded by our clients. We step in by repairing the output according to specified accuracy standards of our clients. We also do file repair for converted searchable PDF files. Same with files converted through optical character recognition technologies, we ensure that we repair searchable PDF files in accordance to the required accuracy standards of our clients. Applications for this type of services also include litigation support, document or records management as well as archiving uses.