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Transcription is the conversion from an oral or spoken form into a written, typewritten, or printed form.

Athena transcription services are classified into three:  medical, legal and business transcription services.

Athena is capable of delivering highly-accurate transcripts of your voice files at reasonable rates.We can transcribe all types of audio files from sources that include conferences, dictations, meetings, interviews, focus groups, etc., in whatever audio format. Our quality processes ensure that work is done as if the clients did it in-house.


Outsourcing your transcription service requirements to Athena will improve the productivity of your staff by freeing up and focusing their time and efforts on the core competencies of your organization.


Athena is committed to privacy and security.  All editors and proofreaders sign nondisclosure agreements. Your document security and corporate privacy are preserved at every step in our process.


We're fast, accurate, dependable, and flexible.  Our prices are fair and reasonable.

Athena's process incorporates the client's style guide and specifications.  A dedicated team of editors and proofreaders are assigned to a particular client so that consistency and quality in all aspects is achieved.


Our services have been used by various individuals, associations, university presses, commercial publishers, court reporters, law firms, and legal units of businesses.