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Audio Editing

Athena guarantees its work and offers the best service in the editing/proofreading industry.

Athena will work with you in ensuring that all transcription work is done at the required level of accuracy and quality.  Athena has a pool of reliable editors and proofreaders who will make sure that your documents are top-notch.


Our editors will proofread your document, ensuring readability and the accurate communication of the written concept.


Depending on your specific requirements, we correct grammatical errors, including punctuation, verb tense, spelling, and sentence construction.

Every document is seen by, at least, two editors.  This greatly increases our precision and consistency. Your documents end up in perfect shape.


Athena is committed to privacy and security.  All editors and proofreaders sign nondisclosure agreements. Your document security and corporate privacy are preserved at every step in our process.


We're fast, accurate, dependable, and flexible.  Our prices are fair and reasonable.

Athena's process incorporates the client's style guide and specifications.  A dedicated team of editors and proofreaders are assigned to a particular client so that consistency and quality in all aspects is achieved.


Athena has proven expertise in the editing of scholarly, scientific, business, medical, and legal documents. Our services have been used by various associations, university presses, commercial publishers, court reporters, law firms, and other businesses.